Food Tweets



The Product: There’s Something In Your Tweet
The Client: Colgate
The Agency: Union

To promote the new Colgate Slim Soft TM/MC toothbrush in Canada, this twitter account allows you to alert your friends of stray foods without embarrassing them. This is a simple way to build a connection between colgate and cleaning your teeth. 

No one would put the effort to alert someone about a popcorn kernel stuck in their teeth with a tweet. So the concept was great but the actual use of the technology might be limited. 

The target would be really small, since the individual would be a social media connected freaks who is so connected to their phone. This is this idea would make for a good case study, but not a full campaign. If the problem was biggest than a popcorn kernel or if it was a digital issue, there might be more traction.

The connection is solving a problem with a social media platform for those who are on the platform already.

The single most important thing is: colgate can solve your social awkward problems.


US Open, Beer, and Instagram



The Product: Crack The US Open
The Client: Heineken
The Agency: Weiden+Kennedy

Understanding how to use social media in a new way is always a win in the media industry. As we grow to understand social media, we learn how to be creative within our medium. This is a great example of having a good idea with great execution. Since the placement of this ad is done within a unique place, we already have people who are already intrigued just because of the ad placement. This is the first time I have seen Instagram used in this way.

They are using a platform where people are already on to play digital hide and seek. Well this is a great and fun idea, the connection between Heineken and the execution is very small. I don’t believe that Heineken has a well developed brand yet. 

The target is fans of the US Open who are willing to spend time on their Instagram page.

The connection is: Heineken is trying to have fun with a target group that might not think of Heineken as their beer preference. So they have a opportunity to build a brand connection with a group of strong brand followers.

The single most important thing is: Have fun with Heineken.

Colors and Brands



In design, we talk about how colors and brands interact. However this is a new way to look at branding and color. As we realize how the top brand’s color schemes really interact with their ranking as a brand. We normally look at how colors interpret mood, however this infographic shows how color relates with great branding. It is surprising that number 1 and 2 use a wide selection of color and rank 3-5 are blues.  It brings into questions how much color affects branding.

Yawning Coffee


The Product: Facial Activated Coffee Machine
The Client: Douwe Egberts
The Agency: Joe Public

By associating Douwe Egberts with the act of yawning, this campaign created a branding connection. This shows how great technology and great placements can create a great campaigns worth talking about. 

The target audience was stated in the video, potential customer who  never tasted Douwe Egberts’s coffee before. Why not make their first experience one they would remember.

The connection is  when you are tired and need coffee, the answer is always Douwe Egberts. This was a smart way to build a connection with a brand.

The single most important thing is: Douwe Edberts is a brand worth trying.